Agriculture Innovations

GO-VILLAGERS is a creative Universal Hybrid Agriculture Training & Research platform with a Primary aim to serve the people who are actively engaged in plant breeding research, Vegetables and Fruits cultivation, production and processing, Promote to hybrid vegetable and fruits agriculture farming varieties along with Nursery Plants.

The main purpose is to help farmers adopt hybrid farming practice and transform the lives of rural people while creating new hybrids with innovative Yet unique traits of quality, taste, flavor, Uniformity, high nutrition values, shelf life.

This process is effectively combined with Environmental friendly high yielding plant varieties. The hybrid varieties are then ready for not only the commercial outdoor or greenhouse growers but also for plant raisers of the professional sectors.

GO-VILLAGERS adds on to an important contribution for the population of rural areas. The people there mostly indulge themselves in hybrid farming of vegetable & fruit’s value chain. This initiative works mainly for meeting the present and future needs of the consumers.

GO-VILLAGERS has become like a standpoint in the field of farming development and cultivating an Agricultural Society Welfare in the rural and backward areas. The primary mission here is to improve and upgrade farmer’s condition and supporting the community as well as the farming products on a large scale. Various novel coordinated efforts and technology collaborations are initiated by them to showcase concrete results.

The Endeavour has been actively supported by leading global research firms mainly with the aim of developing new qualities, traits, innovative varieties & heterogeneity assortments.