Founders & CEO

Dear Learner,

Let me welcome you to the most innovative educational institution with its roots deep in history and culture, and to a whole new world of learning.

I place openness, which includes openness to our own past, and diversity, and the need to tackle issues of gaps in access to opportunities and attainment of goals. Universities succeed when they ‘contain multitudes’, embracing diverse world views, cultures and even ways of looking at a problem. The most successful universities gather talented students and staff without regard to social, birth or religious backgrounds.

We intend to be genuinely open to the life experience and unique insights of intellectuals whose knowledge can influence new and old understandings of how to create education and research of the future – not just to pursue higher education for the sector’s sake, but to cement a foundation upon which each segment of our society and economy can build for generations to come.

In a world undergoing accelerated shifts in the work force, it is increasingly that apparent a university education should not necessarily end after four or five years. A successful university is one that changes and evolves with a student’s career and lifetime because research results only have an impact once they find their way into practical application in society.

The opportunity for our university to capitalize on centuries of expertise in delivering education is also clear. What used to be a competition among institutes of higher learning now has us as a new entrant to create our own programs to ensure the work forces have the skills they need. Our dynamic is to forge new learning models that address the needs of workers and leaders, in order to capitalize upon the knowledge and research that have made Vikramshila so valuable throughout history.

If we mean what we say about wanting Vikramshila University to be open and welcoming, we must ourselves be open to the complex realities of the past as well as the complex challenges of the future. Only then can we embrace the spirit, and confidently say that within ourselves, and within our University, ‘we contain multitudes’.

So, Happy Learning…..

Founder & CEO
Amardeep Singh


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