by | Nov 12, 2021

Founder & President (Vikramshila University)

Amardeep Singh was born on 1982. He belongs to a small village of Bhagalpur district, Bihar, where he has spent his childhood days. The child, when he came of age, walked away from his family to devote himself to public cause. He moved to Delhi and gets enrolled at Aptech Pvt. Ltd, where he completed his Advance Diploma in Multimedia Special in year 2003. Also, completed his diploma course in Database Management from Bangalore.

He started his career at an early age, working in Agriculture Field in year 1998. In year 2000, he has worked in Export Industry. Afterwards, he has employed in the Advertising Industry in year 2004 where he started his career as a Graphic Designer, Visualizer & UI Designer and established Creative Digital Agency in year 2010. He joined a circle of brilliant and extreme thinkers who were challenging existing institutions & ideas, including religion, philosophy, ethics, & politics he has inspired by many famous political leaders in the world.

Hence in 2012, he has campaigned for many parties by his strong will power & dedication towards his nation. He has engaged in many projects as a Analyzer, Visualizer, Art Director, Brand Designer for many National and International Companies. In year 2018, he has Stable IT Company named “Versha Innovations Pvt. Ltd.” Currently, he is leading an IT company and an Advertisement Agency in New Delhi and working in many projects as a Visualizer, Concept Developer and Story Boarding also, moving forward with a vision to establish “Vikramshila University” which includes “Vikramshila Foundation”, “Sports Academy”, “Hybrid Farming Agriculture Firm” named Institute of Innovations Research & Development (IIRD).