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We intend to create an University which will be referred to Vikramshila University. This will be based at Bhagalpur, Bihar. The sole purpose of establishing it will be to provide higher education in diverse fields such as Science & Technology, Medical Science & Research, Advanced Agricultural Techniques and even Hybrid Farming, Management Studies. 

The University will not be restricted only to these disciplines, we would also make it equipped for providing education and ample opportunities in the Sports domain. The main source of motivation behind this enormous project hails to the ancient Vikramshila University which was a centre of excellence founded by the distinguished Pala Emperor, Dharampala in 8th Century CE. The main Endeavour of the project is to revive and restore the historical significance of the ancient period and foster the cultural ethos. 

This underlying effort will be establish a milestone like Nalanda University which was once an epitome of knowledge and glory adding up to the pride of our country, India.



Pranab Mukherjee hopeful of reviving Vikramshila University

Media Coverage 

President visited ruins of the centre of Buddhist learning

President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday visited the excavated ruins of Vikramshila University here in Bihar and said he would talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the revival of the ancient seat of Buddhist learning.

Mr. Mukherjee also said the excavated site of Vikramshila should not only be a museum but be developed like Nalanda, asserting that India needed such universities.

“The seats of higher education Vikramshila guided the nation and encouraged research…I will talk to the Prime Minister for its revival,” the President said while addressing a public gathering at the university.