Agricultural Scientist is the one who is a specialist in analyzing farming methods and food production methods to enhance safety and crop yield. Through research, an agricultural scientist works on new and innovative ways to increase the quality of food grown and supplied.

QUALIFICATION – Minimum Bachelor’s degree; Master and PhD degree in Agriculture Science, also needed some research or teaching training certificate

EXPERIENCE – More than 5 years’ experience in Lab or field research on animals, plants or soil


  • Must have good communication skills both oral and written along with team management skills.
  • Must possess good observatory, analytical and supervisory skills and think of unique and creative strategies for development which enhances a country’s economy.
  • Able to derive practical, logical and eco and public friendly solutions to tackle agro related problems.
  • Updated knowledge of existing and new technology and have the ability to handle them and apply them in their field.
  • Must have good knowledge and should be friendly with all laboratory techniques related to the field.
  • Requires a high degree of patience, interest, hard work and some basic business knowledge


  • Developing effective scientific strategies for cheap and easy farming techniques and animal husbandry, and educating the farmers.
  • Developing crops for higher yield, pest and harsh environment resistant and for safe consumption.
  • Strategies for smart farming using technology, organic farming and preservation techniques.
  • Assessing agricultural activities and production and design strategies, suggestions to improve the growth in terms of productivity and economy and enhancing international trade.
  • Partnerships with other agro scientists and institutions and implement various safe understands for food production and service industries.
  • Analyze the issues, demands of farmers and public, things lacking behind and strategize methods to tackle such problems.