QUALIFICATION – Graduate or Master Degree

EXPERIENCE – More than two years’ experience in Cultural Innovation.


  • Ability to grow all types of cultural & Traditional ideas.
  • Motivate & encourage those people who have knowledge about any types of cultural activity
  • Ability to search on all over India’s cultural innovation.


  • Make innovation culture a top priority and establish top-down processes throughout the company
  • Training of employees in modern methods and tools for brainstorming, idea evaluation and idea realization (innovation crash course, creativity techniques, innovation management)
  • Development of the technical, technological and economic knowledge of employees
  • Cross-departmental and cross-divisional innovation workshops with moderation by an external innovation consultant
  • Internal knowledge transfer through transfer of newly acquired or already existing knowledge in internal training courses
  • Use of external know-how (cooperation with universities, research institutions, other companies, external innovation consultants; Internet research and specialist literature; expert interviews, patent research)
  • Use of new techniques and technologies
  • Raising awareness of the importance of innovation in companies (communication and awareness-raising training, annual Innovation Day)
  • Openness to employees’ ideas (e.g. gathering employees’ ideas in a “ideas box” and joint idea evaluation)
  • Encouraging change and risk taking by establishing a climate of innovation in which employees can make mistakes and learn from them
  • Creation of motivation through incentives and appreciation of innovation contributions (bonuses, career perspectives, gifts in kind, pitching contests, innovation contest praise and recognition)
  • Fast and effective decision-making structures
  • Formation of cross-divisional creative teams for the joint development of ideas
  • Involvement of employees in the innovation process right from the start (cross-divisional and cross-hierarchy project teams, cascade workshops)
  • Promotion of personal initiative and entrepreneurial action by conveying confidence in the willingness to perform, the commitment and the performance of the employees
  • Creation of time resources by making part of the working time available to employees for the implementation of promising ideas.
  • Creation of financial resources by providing an innovation budget